How to Choose your Bed Pillows?

Human beings spend almost 1/3 time sleeping. Sleeping plays an important role in people’s life. It is beneficial to choose a perfect bed pillow for a sweet sleep. Bed pillow will affect your comfort of sleeping. Do you know how to choose it?

What should you consider before choosing your bed pillows?

Sleeping Position

Before you choose your bed pillows, you must determine what your preferred sleeping position is. Here are two tips: 1. When you go to bed, take a few minutes to lie on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. Try to find out which position you feel most comfortable with. 2. You spend some days seeing which position it is when you wake up in the morning.

Back sleeper: Medium thick pillows

Side sleeper: Thick & firm pillows

Stomach sleeper: Soft & flat pillows

Type of fillings

There is not a pillow which is suitable for everyone. Thus, you should choose your own according to your needs.


Down is the bottom and fluffy part of poultry’s or birds’ feather.


Light & Soft – Down pillows are very light in weight and super soft.

Moldable – Down pillows can adjust to your sleeping position

Durable – Down pillows can be used for a long time if you take good care.


Allergic – Some may be allergic to down.

Hot – Down can absorb your body heat which may make your pillow too warm.

Expensive – Down pillows are usually at considerable prices.

Hard to clean – Down pillows usually need dry clean.



Though feather is also from poultry or birds, its price is much lower than down.


Light & Soft – Feather pillows are light & soft.

Moldable – Feather pillows can meet your different sleeping positions.

Cheap – It is much cheaper than down pillows.


Allergic – Some may be allergic to feather.

Odor – Some can’t be comfortable with the special odor of the feather.

Nondurable – Feather pillows will be flat over a certain time of using. It requires consistent of fluffing to maintain soft.

Hot – Feather can absorb your body heat which may make your pillow too warm.

Hard to clean – Feather pillows usually need dry clean.



Polyester is an artificial material.




Easy to clean – It is machine-washable


Not moldable

Not breathable

Short life span



Latex is made from the rubber tree.


Firm & soft – Latex pillows offer good support for your head and neck.



Eco-friendly – Its material is naturally antimicrobial.



Rubbery Odor


Memory Foam

Memory foam is also an artificial material.


Firm & solid – Memory foam pillows can offer good support.




Hard to clean


You have to consider your budget when choosing your bed pillows. Usually, down pillows and latex pillows are more expensive. Check Nest Bedding promo codes and sales before buying pillows?

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