6 Tricks for Picking the Perfect Bedside Lamps

In the bedroom there is a warm, design bedside lamp that will enhance or complement the bedroom style and decor, with a unique palette and lighting. A good bedside lamp can bring a sense of light and warmth to the night, while giving a sense of security. So how do you choose a bedside lamp with a sense of design? Today we introduce some tips and hope to help you.

  1. Determine the height

Most lamps are 24 to 31 inches high. Bedside lamps are usually shorter lamps. First determine the position of the bedside lamp, determine the exact height at which he is located, and the distance between it and the bed. When you sit next to the light, the experience is to keep the bottom of the shadow horizontal so that you can read or rest under the light without seeing the fascinating light bulb.

  1. Select width of bulb

Since the bedside lamp is to be placed on the table of the bedside table, it is necessary to measure the tabletop and compare it to the diameter of the widest part of the shadow. For aesthetic reasons, the shade should preferably not be wider than the table on which it is placed. Also consider the footprint of the base and other items that you might want to place next to the light. A large size can be very beautiful, but it takes up too much space, which can make you unable to put glasses, cups, etc. on the table.

  1. Shade and shadow

Another important consideration when purchasing a bedside lamp is the lampshade and its size. Not only do you need to consider the pattern of the shadow, but also the ratio of the shadow to the body. Usually the width of the shadow should be twice the width of the widest part of the base. The diameter of the lampshade should be at least two inches smaller than its body length, and the hood is a safe choice. The narrower the bottom of the shadow, the less the area of ??illumination; consider this before purchasing.

  1. Translucent or opaque tone

If you want to read in the room with a slightly brighter lighting effect, then you can choose a bedside lamp in white or light fabric tones. The bright light rises and reflects off the ceiling to get ambient light, while the light comes from the bottom for reading. If you want a darker, more mysterious effect, then a light with a black opaque hue is appropriate. Such lamps will be focused at one place or nearby.

  1. Match the bedroom style

The bedside lamp not only provides a light source for the bedroom, but also a unique ornament for the bedroom. If your bedroom style is lighter, you can choose a light-colored bedside lamp that matches the bedroom style. Another idea is to choose a completely different style of desk lamp to give the room a radiant focus.

  1. Check details

Most bedside lamps can easily change the color tone, and some will have some accessories. If you are considering replacing the lampshade, be sure to check it first. Today’s light bulbs are different from the past, LED lighting is the first choice, and it can reduce electricity bills. But not all lamps are supported, so check the details carefully before buying, such as the maximum wattage.

Several unique bedside lamps:

A. Wayfair Zainab 19.5″ Table Lamp

B.Lamps Plus Stila Dark Bronze Swing Arm Table Lamp

C.YLighting Atollo Table Lamp

D.Bellacor Global Views Nickel Two-Light Twig Table Lamp







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